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We want to hear from UKCPA members from all sectors and levels of the profession, from first-time contributors to expert authors.

In return we will help you to share your message with a large and diverse audience from the pharmacy profession, other healthcare professions, policy makers and influencers. Writing for Rx allows you to share your expertise and opinion, encourage debate amongst your colleagues, and provides you with an opportunity to impact, engage and collaborate.

What are we looking for?

We encourage a wide range of content which will interest the clinical pharmacy world and beyond.


These articles can be written in an engaging and journalistic style (think chatting to colleagues, rather than an academic style). You are the expert and we can learn from your expertise.

  • Overview of specific treatments: What is important to know about specific treatments or classes of treatments? How are these treatments best used in practice? 
  • Medicines optimisation: What is the best way to manage a patient with a particular condition? How can you best work within a multidisciplinary team here? 
  • Research reviews: If you’ve recently examined the research on a particular area, why not share your findings? Have you recently been to a conference and would like to share the key highlights?
  • Guideline reviews: Do you have advice on how to implement new guidelines? How are they different from previous guidelines? What do practitioners need to be aware of?
  • Practice developments: Can you provide an overview of new practices and processes? What has been your personal experience of changes in practice?
  • Campaigns, policies and initiatives: Are you involved in a clinical campaign which has worked particularly well? Do you know of an initiative which has made a positive impact? Would you like to share the outcome of a new policy? 


  • Profession-wide initiatives, campaigns, policies and guidelines: Is there something which affects the whole profession that you would like to talk about? What has been the impact of a government initiative or policy in your working practice? What do you think about new professional body or regulator campaigns or guidelines? Do you and your colleagues have differing opinions on something? Do you think something is underrated or overrated?
  • Roles and sectors: Would you like to share your personal experiences of working in a particular sector or role or with a particular group of patients? Is there something impacting on the sector you work in? What are your experiences of working in a newly established role? What are the challenges facing the profession, in your view? 


  • Signposting to resources: Have you used any resources that you have found particularly useful and would like to let others know of them?
  • Education, training and mentoring: How important is professional development to you? What are your experiences of the GPhC Revalidation process? Would you like to share your experiences of mentoring someone, or being mentored yourself? What has been your most important professional development activity this year? 
  • Initiatives, news and updates: Is there something on the horizon that others should know about? Have you been involved in a professional development initiative that others could benefit from?


  • Everyone is interested in people, and interviews with our members are always enjoyed, whether that’s hearing about their career progression or a particular aspect of their work. If you would like to be one of our interviewees please contact us.


Because Rx is online we have no print deadlines, so we can publish articles quickly and easily. This allows the content of Rx magazine to say relevant and timely.

If you have an article you would like us to publish, please:

  • Ensure it is between 500-800 words in length
  • Send us a portrait photograph of yourself
  • Send us a short biography (40 words max)
  • If you have a Twitter account you would like us to share, please also include your Twitter handle.

Please send all queries, articles and your accompanying documents to

We look forward to welcoming you to Rx.