Heart failure: ground-breaking results presented at international conference

There were plentiful updates on heart failure topics that are relevant to practitioners interested in heart failure medicines optimisation

New antifungal agents show promising results in clinical trials

UKCPA member Richard Wilson was keen to find out about the new antifungal agents on the horizon

Fungal growth in a Petri dish



Serotonin syndrome explained

Serotonin syndrome, also known as serotonin toxicity, is an adverse drug reaction to serotonergic activating or related medications Serotonin syndrome occurs when medications cause high levels of serotonin to accumulate in the body.


Global strategy for COPD management published

The Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (GOLD) has published a 2019 report on

Medicines safety

Learning from the Gosport enquiry

The Gosport enquiry reported on poor prescribing practice at the Gosport War Memorial Hospital from

Older people

How can pharmacists help to prevent falls?

Having a fall can have devastating and far reaching consequences. It can affect a person,



What can pharmacists do to support under served communities?

Society is made up of people from various backgrounds and circumstances. Diversity opens our minds


What can the pharmacy profession do to improve patient safety?

Medication safety is an integral component of patient safety and has been re-emphasised in recent


Pharmacists on wards can have a positive effect on drug-related outcomes for geriatric inpatients

A paper published in the European Journal of Hospital Pharmacy has concluded that ward-based hospital


Why I love working in different sectors of pharmacy

I always wanted to be a clinical pharmacist and was so disheartened when I missed


Education & training

The benefits of presenting your work at a conference

Presenting your work as a poster at a conference is a perfect opportunity to showcase your hard work and share your findings with a wide range of pharmacy colleagues from all over the UK and beyond.

Education & training

Fostering leadership in clinical pharmacy practice

In the UK, evidence that pharmacists can provide better clinical outcomes and more efficient, consistent

Education & training

What happens during a peer discussion?

Danielle Stacey, a Lead Pharmacist in Antimicrobials, recently discussed her practice with some expert UKCPA


Interview with Lindsey Roberts Medicines Optimisation Research & Development Lead

Lindsey is Medicines Optimisation Research & Development Lead at the Pharmacy Department at John Radcliffe