Elderly woman drinking water and self medicating

Empowering patients to self-administer their medication in hospital

On admission to hospital, patient’s medication care is usually withdrawn, regardless of capability, and instead nurses administer medication.

Inappropriate antibiotic prescribing found in A&E department

This study aimed to quantify antibiotics prescribed in A&E for a two-week period and to determine whether these were prescribed in line with Trust guidelines.

Hospital Accidents and emergency entrance



The impact of a new Sore Throat Test and Treat service on antibiotic provision

A new Sore Throat Test and Treat service is being piloted in Wales, as part of the common ailment scheme sore throat service

Medicines safety

Mobile dispensary shows benefits for patients and staff

We trialled the use of a mobile dispensary, consisting of a computer workstation with integrated lockable cupboard and a bluetooth printer, for one month

Medicines safety

How effective is digital communication within the Medication Safety Officer network?

The Medication Safety Officer (MSO) role with the objective of networking through regular online webinar meetings and an online forum.


How collaborating with patients led to improved management of pernicious anaemia

A survey of Pernicious Anaemia Society members showed that 92 percent experienced a return of symptoms before their next injection was due.



Good relationships are key to practice: An interview with medication safety expert Anna Bischler

When I first started the Clinical Governance Lead role it was terrifying as I felt totally out of my depth - a classic case of imposter syndrome.


How I realised my passions: Interview with Dr Ruth Bednall, UKCPA Chair

When I reflect on my career, the common thread is people. People as the patients we serve and a desire to deliver them best possible care.


From coroner’s inquests to research publications: Life as a Medicines Safety pharmacist

I love working with different teams. And the variety in my job is phenomenal - it can range from visiting radiology departments one day to paediatrics the next


Forcing doors open: My career as a specialist pharmacist in diabetes

I actually wanted to be a vet, but my biology teacher suggested pharmacy as a back-up.


Education & training

Fostering leadership in clinical pharmacy practice

In the UK, evidence that pharmacists can provide better clinical outcomes and more efficient, consistent

Education & training

What happens during a peer discussion?

Danielle Stacey, a Lead Pharmacist in Antimicrobials, recently discussed her practice with some expert UKCPA

Education & training

GPhC Revalidation: How can UKCPA support you?

On 30 March 2018, revalidation replaced the requirement for pharmacist and pharmacy technician registrants to complete CPD.


Five free resources for refreshing your knowledge on pain management

We know that pain management is a topic applicable to a large number of areas