Diabetes test

Five key messages for clinical pharmacists involved in diabetes care

Over the last decade, technology and data has improved healthcare outcomes dramatically. In no clinical area has this been more evident than in diabetes

Is amikacin and gentamicin prescribing appropriate?

The therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) guideline at Cambridge University Hospital recommends specific dosing and levels for amikacin and gentamicin to minimise ototoxicity and nephrotoxicity.

Gentamicin bottle



The key signs and symptoms of Beta-lactam fever

Diagnosing beta-lactam fever remains challenging due to overlapping symptoms with the underlying infection which the beta-lactam is treating

Critical Care

Impact and value of critical care pharmacy: A round up of the evidence base

Workforce expectations for critical care pharmacists are laid down in terms of staffing levels and level of competence as national standards.

Critical Care

In at the deep end. Starting out in critical care during COVID-19

For the pharmacist who is now faced with either opening a critical care unit or joining an existing critical care pharmacy team, it may feel like a mountain to climb

Critical Care

Key points to consider when assessing renal function in critical care

Assessment of renal function is a key skill for pharmacists. It is used in determining medication choice as well as dosing decisions for medicines in the care of the critically ill.



A strategy for delivering efficiency savings

Efficiency savings is a frequently used term, which simply means doing more with the same resources or doing the same with fewer resources


How to prioritise wellbeing during times of stress

The outbreak of COVID-19 has brought an unprecedented amount of anxiety, stress and uncertainty for everybody, but particularly for health professionals


Kitchen porter to Lead Clinical Pharmacist: Interview with David Gibson

David Gibson is Lead Clinical Pharmacist at Darlington Memorial Hospital at County Durham and Darlington Foundation Trust.


Lessons from switching practices in a multi-sector Foundation Pharmacist programme

Success was defined as the Foundation pharmacist safely and confidently delivering patient-centred service autonomously.



How to write an article that people want to read

Have you got a great idea that you would like to share with others, but you’re not sure how to write it down? You’re not alone.


What we learnt from developing national Perioperative guidelines

The revised Handbook of Perioperative Medicines is the perfect example of what can be achieved with vision, passion and dedication


8 ways to build your leadership skills

Here are some practical ways that pharmacy professionals can develop their leadership skills within any stage of their career.


Six great resources for understanding research and statistics

For many pharmacists, research and statistics are scary words. Which is why we’ve identified some useful resources to help you get your head around it.