Muslim woman with a pharmacist

Forward-thinking pharmacist progression training programme solves recruitment issues

Difficulty recruiting Band 7 pharmacists has led to strain on the quality of pharmacy services, patient safety and department morale.

Pharmacist prescribers make discharge from hospital safer

There are reports that prescribing errors in inpatient and discharge settings by doctors remain a patient safety concern.

Fetching drugs from a medicine cabinet



How collaborating with patients led to improved management of pernicious anaemia

A survey of Pernicious Anaemia Society members showed that 92 percent experienced a return of symptoms before their next injection was due.


How a simple intervention can improve antimicrobial stewardship

Failure to treat neurosurgical infections can lead to further surgical intervention, posing additional risks to the patient.


Pharmacy now embedded in national multidisciplinary Inflammatory Bowel Disease standards

Pharmacy specialisation is developing rapidly and needs to be recognised at a national level.

Critical Care

Can recording date-of-opening of oral liquids help reduce waste on adult intensive care units?

Recording the date-of-opening (DOO) of a liquid is essential to enable an expiry date check



From coroner’s inquests to research publications: Life as a Medicines Safety pharmacist

I love working with different teams. And the variety in my job is phenomenal - it can range from visiting radiology departments one day to paediatrics the next


Forcing doors open: My career as a specialist pharmacist in diabetes

I actually wanted to be a vet, but my biology teacher suggested pharmacy as a back-up.


Is ePMA a remedy or an irritant? My experience as a hospital pharmacist

The Electronic Prescribing Medicines Administration system is the colourful electronic drug chart introduced in order to meet NHS standards and improve healthcare systems


My journey to Consultant Pharmacist. Interview with David Sapsford

David Sapsford finds working in the critical care environment to be the most rewarding of all of his professional activities


Education & training

What happens during a peer discussion?

Danielle Stacey, a Lead Pharmacist in Antimicrobials, recently discussed her practice with some expert UKCPA

Education & training

GPhC Revalidation: How can UKCPA support you?

On 30 March 2018, revalidation replaced the requirement for pharmacist and pharmacy technician registrants to complete CPD.


Five free resources for refreshing your knowledge on pain management

We know that pain management is a topic applicable to a large number of areas