Red blood cells

Five key messages from the new guidelines on perioperative management of anaemia

Anaemia is present in over 30 percent of patients who have major surgery. It is associated with worse outcomes, including poorer wound healing, slower mobilisation and an increased risk of death.

Tip and tricks to aid the review of patients with COVID-19 in the context of diabetes

One key clinical area COVID-19 has had an impact upon is diabetes. This is because COVID-19 brings with it a triple whammy of issues

Elderly man in hospital bed


Women’s health

Pharmacists develop innovative app to support midwives 

Midwives need to familiarise themselves with 30 or more medicines to support their everyday practice. For a new midwife, this can be quite overwhelming. 

Medicines safety

Does your workplace follow naloxone recommendations?

A patient safety alert issued by NHS England highlighted concerns with inappropriate doses of naloxone administered in patients on long-term opioid treatment.


Evaluating patient perceived clinical impact of ranitidine switches according to CCG guidelines

Following repeated MHRA Class 2 Medicines Recalls, there has been a significant supply shortage of ranitidine within the UK since 2019.


Meet the new Antimicrobial Prescribing Optimisation Team

Between us, we bring to the workstream more than 100 years of subject matter expertise in infection management and antimicrobial therapeutics



Realising my passions within pharmacy: Interview with UKCPA Director Ramandeep Kaur

My career path is definitely not a typical one but I have loved every single opportunity along the way, despite the challenges.


Adapting clinical pharmacy to the post-COVID healthcare landscape

Coronavirus has significantly changed how healthcare is delivered. This has driven a need for rapid transformation of services at a time of immense pressure


How you can help to support unpaid carers

Every year several charities partner together to raise awareness of the contribution that the millions of unpaid carers make to the UK every day


A strategy for delivering efficiency savings

Efficiency savings is a frequently used term, which simply means doing more with the same resources or doing the same with fewer resources


Education & training

How to deliver an engaging and effective webinar

The COVID-19 lockdown has forced many of us to become more familiar with accessing education and training online

Education & training

How to continue learning during a pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed how healthcare is delivered in the UK, with clinicians redeployed to front line practice or returned from retirement


How to write winning abstracts

Distilling the content of a large project into a word-restricted abstract requires skill and attention to detail.


How to write an article that people want to read

Have you got a great idea that you would like to share with others, but you’re not sure how to write it down? You’re not alone.