Carer helping a disabled patient

How you can help to support unpaid carers

Every year several charities partner together to raise awareness of the contribution that the millions of unpaid carers make to the UK every day

In at the deep end. Starting out in critical care during COVID-19

For the pharmacist who is now faced with either opening a critical care unit or joining an existing critical care pharmacy team, it may feel like a mountain to climb

Intensive care ward



The impact of pharmacist prescribers in a neurosurgical unit

The presence of a pharmacist prescriber on daily ward rounds allows for interventions and ensures medicines optimisation is prioritised.


A review of medication prescribed to renal transplantation patients with diabetes

Renal transplantation patients are at an increased cardiovascular risk compared to the general population.


Inappropriate antibiotic prescribing found in A&E department

This study aimed to quantify antibiotics prescribed in A&E for a two-week period and to determine whether these were prescribed in line with Trust guidelines.

Medicines safety

Prescribing pharmacist improves timeliness of medicines supply at discharge

Our objective was to determine whether completing the local electronic clinical summary and discharge medicines document improved the timeliness of medicines supply at discharge.



The Climate Emergency: how can pharmacy be more sustainable?

The climate crisis is evolving at ever-faster rates, leading us towards irreparable ecological breakdown and the largest ever public health crisis.


How can Artificial Intelligence help improve patient care?

AI will not replace the judgment of our clinicians, but it has the ability to streamline, revolutionise and support their decision making.


Why are pharmacists feeling under pressure at work?

Last month UKCPA asked its members about their personal experiences of work-based pressures and the impact these are having on their health and well-being.


Good relationships are key to practice: An interview with medication safety expert Anna Bischler

When I first started the Clinical Governance Lead role it was terrifying as I felt totally out of my depth - a classic case of imposter syndrome.


Education & training

Top tips for writing a Reflective Account

The GPhC now requires a reflective account record as part of your revalidation submission.

Education & training

The benefits of presenting your work at a conference

Presenting your work as a poster at a conference is a perfect opportunity to showcase your hard work and share your findings with a wide range of pharmacy colleagues from all over the UK and beyond.

Education & training

Fostering leadership in clinical pharmacy practice

In the UK, evidence that pharmacists can provide better clinical outcomes and more efficient, consistent

Education & training

What happens during a peer discussion?

Danielle Stacey, a Lead Pharmacist in Antimicrobials, recently discussed her practice with some expert UKCPA