Pregnant woman with depression

How much do you know about mental health problems during and after pregnancy?

Up to one in five women experience mental health problems during pregnancy or within a year of giving birth

Pharmacy technician led blood monitoring service demonstrates significant savings

A pharmacy technician led blood monitoring service introduced in Brighton has been shown to demonstrate significant savings and enhance patient safety

Red blood cells


Women’s health

How to reduce the risk of adverse effects of sodium valproate

Medicines containing valproate are contraindicated in pregnancy for migraine and bipolar disorder and should only be used in epilepsy if no other effective treatment options are available.

Pregnant woman taking pills

Older people

How can pharmacists optimise medicines management in care homes?

Pharmacy staff from both hospital and primary care settings can play a key role in


Is there is a UK-wide opioid epidemic?

One cannot escape the media attention around concerns about painkillers and the comparisons being made


How to manage epilepsy in pregnancy

In the UK about 2500 babies per year are born to women with epilepsy (0.3-0.5


Should pharmacists question reported antibiotic allergies?

Reported penicillin allergies lead to treatment with inferior antibiotics as penicillins are often the most



Pharmacists on wards can have a positive effect on drug-related outcomes for geriatric inpatients

A paper published in the European Journal of Hospital Pharmacy has concluded that ward-based hospital


How much do you know about raising cancer awareness?

The important point about cancer awareness and cancer screening is the need to detect cancer


Enhanced pharmacy practice in ER, what does it mean for patient care?

Emergency Department (ED) performance as measured by the four-hour target reached a record low in


New report finds clinical pharmacists in general practice improve patient care

Clinical pharmacists should be an integral part of general practice, according to a new independent



Interview with Lindsey Roberts Medicines Optimisation Research & Development Lead

Lindsey is Medicines Optimisation Research & Development Lead at the Pharmacy Department at John Radcliffe

Education & training

GPhC Revalidation: How can UKCPA support you?

On 30 March 2018, revalidation replaced the requirement for pharmacist and pharmacy technician registrants to complete CPD.


Five free resources for refreshing your knowledge on pain management

We know that pain management is a topic applicable to a large number of areas


Interview with Dr Keith Ridge CBE, Chief Pharmaceutical Officer for England

Dr Keith Ridge CBE, Chief Pharmaceutical Officer for England, tells us about his career pathway,